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Ted's Property Solutions

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Connecticut's Trusted

General Contractor

Hello! I'm Ted Martinez and welcome to Ted's Property Solutions! If you're looking for an experienced general contractor to transform your residential and commercial properties exactly how you want them, I'm the man to call. I work on various restoration, remodeling, and repair jobs with keen attention to detail and quality.

Browse through my site to learn more about how I can help you. Get in touch with me in Branford, Connecticut today to request a free quote!

Mission Statement

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About Me

Growing up in Puerto Rico where I was born, I was surrounded by carpenters, electricians, plumbers, builders, and excavators. I was building and repairing all sorts of things at a very early age. As a kid, I was even helping my dad and brother build houses. No matter how difficult a project seemed, I never said that I couldn't do it.

About 30 years ago, I joined the Army. Through it all, I became a jack of all trades. I learned that when you fix or build something, you need to do it with a strong sense of purpose and perfection. As such, I became very meticulous in everything I did, from painting a floor to fixing a window or doorframe. I always did every job perfectly so it comes out right the first time.

After retiring from the Army in 2016, I worked for 3 years as a technician for a local realty company. Eventually, I decided to go on my own and put my Christian faith to work. I believe in the power of hope, and the inspiration it brings makes me feel
happy and prosperous.

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